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She is a part of history

I took my baby to vote with me this morning and while we were standing in line, a man said “Well, she’s making history.” Phoebe, of course, was oblivious, she just wanted a cookie. But that man was right. I can not believe that today I got to vote for someone so wonderful and inspirational and so full of promise. and he’s black. I should be able to believe it because it’s the 21st century but I know that not 50 years ago things were so very different. I came across a collection of haunting images taken by Charles Moore, a contract photographer for Life Magazine in the 1950s and 60s. Click on the tags to see the pictures.

For more on civil rights, go to The Civil Rights Digital Collection. They have an ENORMOUS amount of information and documents and news clips.

To further appreciate how not very long ago it was when women couldn’t vote at all, visit Women’ of Protest, a digital collection at the Library of Congress. Check out the gallery of suffrage prisoners while you’re there.

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