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For all the book voyeurs out there…

I get quite a few hits on the post “It’s like I run a book rescue” I wrote last year. I guess people enjoy seeing bookshelves. I understand appeal; I love looking at what people have on their shelves. Never judging, of course, because I have some truly atrocious books on my own shelf. For those who enjoy perusing shelves, I suggest you divert your prying eyes over to the Flickr group “Bookshelf Project“. It has a bunch of members and over 3000 photos of bookshelves. I need to join!


P.S. I updated my Helpful Resources page with some fabulous finds. Check it out.

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Angela, Webmaster

I’m really liking this maintaining a website project. I linked to it the other day but I think I will again. I’m getting lots of hits and it’s so exciting! I’m even a top Google result! Go me.

I don’t have a lot more to say besides that. I’m working on a pathfinder for my reference class that’s due next week. It’s going pretty well except I had to be pretty creative when looking for reference materials pertaining to buying a house. I managed to find an online encyclopedia of legal terms that had a little bit of information. I also found one other legal book but that’s about all. This pathfinder will be meager in the reference section but ok everywhere else.

Later Gators.

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From the page to the screen…but not that bad this time

It’s common knowledge that when comparing book and tv/movie versions of stories the book almost always wins out. Well, it’s my common knowledge at least. Some people may not hold the same view. Anyway, I recently discovered a case where I’m pretty satisfied with a tv version of a book. I was watching tv the other day and came across a cartoon. It was bright and flashy and looked like every other Nicktoons cartoon. The only reason I lingered on it was because the scene was in a school and people were being turned into apples. It reminded me of Wayside School books by Louis Sacher. And that’s what it was! Wayside is now a Nickelodeon cartoon! Well, I guess it has been since June. I watched it again the other day and it was a story about Myron, the wanna be class president. The show looks pretty good. Granted, I haven’t read those books in years so I’m not sure how to the letter accurate they are but I liked it anyway. I remember reading those books in, I believe, 2nd grade and my class thought they were so funny. I’m so glad they are still around.

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Note to Self

I Like You
The holidays make me want to cook. Unfortunately, since we are going out of town for the weekend I won’t be able to cook anything fun. I got to bake some mini pumpkin muffins last night for Frank’s Mother’s Day Out class today and the house smelled wonderful. By the way, that recipe is fantastic. Anyway, I had the greatest idea so I’m sure it already exists. Is there such thing as a Cookbook Book Club? Picture it, a group of people and one cook book. Everyone makes something out of it and gets together. It’d be so fun! It would be more like a book club if you used a cookbook that’s more like a book e.g. I Like You: Hospitality Under the Influence. For what it’s worth, I Like You has a lot of great recipes and is quite funny. A+.

So that’s my idea. It makes me hungry just to think about it. I need to find some more friends in Norman so I can make this happen.


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Grab a cup of coffee while you wait

How fun is this?! For those of you too lazy to click, it’s a machine available to retailers and libraries that prints and binds entire books in just a few minutes.  It made its library debut earlier this year in the New York Public Library’s Science, Industry, and Business Library. From what I’ve gathered via Google, the New Orleans Public Library currently has the prototype machine.  This machine really does sound like the coolest thing ever. It has access to over 200,000 public domain titles in almost any language and you get your book in ten minutes or less. How exciting for libraries, book sellers, and bibliophiles!

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Listen up, boys! Reading is cool!

A few days ago on Library Stuff there was a link to an article about the gender gap in reading. Apparently boys have fallen behind in the last few years. The best way to combat this, according to David Cole, is having boys see their relatives and heroes read as well. The article goes on to give some resources that either address the issue of boys and reading or are simply good books for boys to read. Good stuff to file away. I have a two year old son and I would be crushed if he said he didn’t like to read. Right now he lets me read to him occasionally without slamming the book shut (apparently very fun to do). Today, in fact, he wanted me to read Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly-Pie twice. I hope he’s always interested in reading but I’m definitely read to pull out the big guns if he decides otherwise. I am not above decorating my house in these posters.
HSM read poster

 This website looks like a pretty good resource for finding boy books. I’ll definitely be adding it to my delicious account. yay readers’ advisory!


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