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From the page to the screen…but not that bad this time

It’s common knowledge that when comparing book and tv/movie versions of stories the book almost always wins out. Well, it’s my common knowledge at least. Some people may not hold the same view. Anyway, I recently discovered a case where I’m pretty satisfied with a tv version of a book. I was watching tv the other day and came across a cartoon. It was bright and flashy and looked like every other Nicktoons cartoon. The only reason I lingered on it was because the scene was in a school and people were being turned into apples. It reminded me of Wayside School books by Louis Sacher. And that’s what it was! Wayside is now a Nickelodeon cartoon! Well, I guess it has been since June. I watched it again the other day and it was a story about Myron, the wanna be class president. The show looks pretty good. Granted, I haven’t read those books in years so I’m not sure how to the letter accurate they are but I liked it anyway. I remember reading those books in, I believe, 2nd grade and my class thought they were so funny. I’m so glad they are still around.

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