Helpful Resources

General Collection Building

1) Resources for Building Digital Collections at UCB University Libraries(link here): I really liked the proposal form on this site. It was a lot like the framework Doc Martens gave us but broke the questions up nicely into categories. Provides good resources as well.

2) Digital Imaging Tutorial from Cornell University Library.

3) Preservation and Selection for Digitization at Northeast Document Conservation Center. A Preservation Leaflet.


4) Cataloging Learning Workshop at LOC. Workshop Course Materials.

5)  Cushing, Lincoln. “Proposal for Inclusion of Union Label Descriptions in Bibliographic and Archival Cataloging Guidelines.” Progressive Librarian Journal 21 (Winter 2002),

6)  Standards at the Library of Congress.
Contains links to digital library standards.


7)  Copyright links from Michigan Library Consortium.
Michigan Library Consortium also has a helpful page of issues to consider when digitizing information for the web.


8) Show Your Stuff, Using Omeka. A presentation given at code4lib 2008 conference.


9) Marketing. Digital Best Practices at Washington State Library. I’m also going to recommend the Best Practices site.

Just for Fun

10) OAIster. A union catalog of digital resources.

2 responses to “Helpful Resources

  1. DocMartens

    Need to see those 9 Things now!

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