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these would go perfect with Halloween candy

Last night after getting home from trick or treating with the kids, my husband and I went through their candy. To get the good stuff, sort through the razor bladed apples and whatnot-anyway, so we find some hate literature (I probably shouldn’t link to them because, dear god, it was offensive stuff) mixed in with a bag of fun size candy bars. Let me just say, I’m really glad my kids can’t read or recognize religious caricatures. Fast forward a few hours and I’m looking for comic book/action figure digital collections and I find this. It’s a collection of issues of a Catholic comic book written between 1946-1972. It’s really interesting and much of it (disclaimer: I did NOT look at all of them because there are A LOT) isn’t even religious at all. And what religion I did see didn’t seem to be advocating hate. Take this one about Abraham Lincoln and the importance of taking care of library books (good role model and good lesson to learn) and this one about Ed Furgol, a man who overcame a disability to become a professional golfer in the 1950’s. I like this one a lot, too.  I’d like to find more comic book collections; they’re like an easy to read e-books.

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Because everybody loves blogs, right?

Think what you may about blogging, I know people who have never read one!, but I’m all for libraries maintaining blogs or  myspace or facebook (are libraries on facebook?). Not everyone picks up fliers but many many are connected to the internet in some way. However, many many are not but this is not a discussion of the digital divide, is it? Ok, so if I think that library blogs are great, what do I think of special/digital collection blogs? Why, I think that they are a brilliant idea! Like a regular old library blog, it’s a great way for people to know what the heck is going on with their library. And unlike a regular library, I’m guessing that digital collection librarians might not put out as many fliers about what they are digitizing as non-digital librarians would for what *voter registration*/book sales/heritage festivals they are putting on that month. ***By the way, tomorrow is the last day in Oklahoma to make sure you are registered to vote or change your registration. more information here.*** Here is an example of a digital collection blog at the Birmingham Public Library. great idea. as long as people are reading. The Digital Collections blog isn’t linked on the library’s main page (although the library blog is) but is on their Virtual Library page as well as the Digital Collections page. It’s findable and useful (if people subscribe).

Just ideas for the future. my future. not the future of libraries. I can’t even begin to imagine that. although I hope the future = chik-fil-a in the lobby. kidding.


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I feel OVERWHELMED right now. I know this is not a personal blog, even though it is my own personal blog (ha), but I have to say it. I wanted to write about our readings this week but I’m not even quite sure what RDF does or what an ontology really is. I’m experiencing a little information overload at the moment between this class and my reference class. Add that to the fact that we are moving next week and my 5 month old is boycotting sleep AND I had to listen to Elmo sing about poop for about an hour today and you get one tired library student/SAHM who needs a break. So I think I will give myself permission to not check D2L for a few days and hopefully try to stick to it. I’m a little obsessive about checking for updates. Unfortunately, it’s not like I’ll even be taking a break because I have a paper due in reference very soon that I need to start and, like I said before, I’m moving. Augh, this sounds like I’m a big whiny baby. I’m just trying to deal with everything and feeling like I’m not doing a very good job.

I do have one school related note. I played the ESP game the other day and loved it! Well, it was pretty fun and apparently is actually accomplishing something. If this class has done one thing for me, it had made me appreciate tags. That reminds me, I really need to subscribe to David Weinberger’s blog.

Time for bed.

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Insert witty quote here…

What the heck is wrong with people? Does copyright mean anything? Does intellectual property? Two instances I’ve heard about in the last few days have really enraged my inner librarian. First, my little brother’s girlfriend bought him all the seasons of The Wonder Years for his birthday. I don’t know all of the details but she was shopping around online for the best deal, like we all do, and noticed a really low price. According to my brother, she asked the seller if this deal was, in fact, too good to be true and they assured her all was well. So she bought it. When she received it (two weeks later) it was a pirated copy! Apparently the pirates (not the cute Johnny Depp kind) printed out fancy labels and had the gall to include a warning in the beginning of the dvd telling people NOT TO COPY THEIR WORK. seriously. What puts the icing on the cake is that every episode has a little ABC Family logo in the corner. Again, what the heck is wrong with people? When my brother told me about it, he laughed it off and said his girlfriend didn’t care. I, however, do very much care that someone would take her money like that AND now is going to get away with it. augh.

The second instance that angered me was a post by my favorite bloggers. You can read about it in their words but basically they discovered that an online magazine stole a picture of their daughter from their flickr account and posted it on their home page without any kind of permission or credit. Only after he confronted them did they offer him $100 to basically go away and blamed the problem on a poor intern. He did not take their slimy money and soon discovered that this was not the first time this had happened. Who steals and posts someone else’s pictures?! Honestly. I know there’s always a risk of theft when you put something out on the web but I just never thought about a corporation doing it.

There’s no real point to this post but I do like how library school makes me think.

p.s. stealing sucks.

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It’s becoming clearer

I think I’m finally getting this Web 2.0 thing. I’ve been hearing the term thrown around for a while now but had never really stopped to inquire what was, mostly out of fear of looking stupid. Well, thank goodness for LIS 5433! I read my assigned articles this week and hello! I love web 2.0! I myspace, I flickr, I blog (well, I’m a far better reader than blogger), and Google Maps has been my choice of direction finders for a long time. I’ve been participating in this crazy 2.0 stuff for a while now (I even had a friendster account when those were cool) but my uneducated self just thought I was spending too much time on the internet. I guess I’ve just been preparing myself for my future profession. Now if I could learn html I’d be set.

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