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Just replace with Obama

**Now, I realize that I already did a YouTube post a few weeks ago so forgive me.**

While searching for complementing collections for my collection proposal I came across some campaign ads on YouTube that I had to share. This video is a campaign song for Kennedy’s 1960 campaign, it’s fabulous and so appropriate for this election.

Some actually did insert Obama for Kennedy but the voice they used is super creepy! Although I do love the pictures of McCain.

Here’s another campaign ad for Kennedy.

That one came from a retro video channel on YouTube. She has lots of old commercials to watch. I like this one.

The things that you can find on YouTube! Best thing ever!

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From the page to the screen…but not that bad this time

It’s common knowledge that when comparing book and tv/movie versions of stories the book almost always wins out. Well, it’s my common knowledge at least. Some people may not hold the same view. Anyway, I recently discovered a case where I’m pretty satisfied with a tv version of a book. I was watching tv the other day and came across a cartoon. It was bright and flashy and looked like every other Nicktoons cartoon. The only reason I lingered on it was because the scene was in a school and people were being turned into apples. It reminded me of Wayside School books by Louis Sacher. And that’s what it was! Wayside is now a Nickelodeon cartoon! Well, I guess it has been since June. I watched it again the other day and it was a story about Myron, the wanna be class president. The show looks pretty good. Granted, I haven’t read those books in years so I’m not sure how to the letter accurate they are but I liked it anyway. I remember reading those books in, I believe, 2nd grade and my class thought they were so funny. I’m so glad they are still around.

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Insert witty quote here…

What the heck is wrong with people? Does copyright mean anything? Does intellectual property? Two instances I’ve heard about in the last few days have really enraged my inner librarian. First, my little brother’s girlfriend bought him all the seasons of The Wonder Years for his birthday. I don’t know all of the details but she was shopping around online for the best deal, like we all do, and noticed a really low price. According to my brother, she asked the seller if this deal was, in fact, too good to be true and they assured her all was well. So she bought it. When she received it (two weeks later) it was a pirated copy! Apparently the pirates (not the cute Johnny Depp kind) printed out fancy labels and had the gall to include a warning in the beginning of the dvd telling people NOT TO COPY THEIR WORK. seriously. What puts the icing on the cake is that every episode has a little ABC Family logo in the corner. Again, what the heck is wrong with people? When my brother told me about it, he laughed it off and said his girlfriend didn’t care. I, however, do very much care that someone would take her money like that AND now is going to get away with it. augh.

The second instance that angered me was a post by my favorite bloggers. You can read about it in their words but basically they discovered that an online magazine stole a picture of their daughter from their flickr account and posted it on their home page without any kind of permission or credit. Only after he confronted them did they offer him $100 to basically go away and blamed the problem on a poor intern. He did not take their slimy money and soon discovered that this was not the first time this had happened. Who steals and posts someone else’s pictures?! Honestly. I know there’s always a risk of theft when you put something out on the web but I just never thought about a corporation doing it.

There’s no real point to this post but I do like how library school makes me think.

p.s. stealing sucks.

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If only I had a DVR

so I would remember to watch…*
Today on LISNews I read about Presidential Libraries: History Uncovered, a special that will air every Friday night for the next 11 weeks. Apparently they are airing live from all 12 libraries and talking and showing video and audio about the respective presidents. It started with Hoover last week. I’m excited because the only thing I love better than a library is a presidential library! Unfortunately, I’ve only been to one, the LBJ library last March. I never made to Clinton’s library in Little Rock when we lived in Arkansas. But I did shake his hand! Anyway, I really love presidential memorabilia and trivia and I get C-SPAN (no History Channel here) so I will watch.

*if I do happen to forget, the broadcasts are available on C-SPAN’s website.

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