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I feel OVERWHELMED right now. I know this is not a personal blog, even though it is my own personal blog (ha), but I have to say it. I wanted to write about our readings this week but I’m not even quite sure what RDF does or what an ontology really is. I’m experiencing a little information overload at the moment between this class and my reference class. Add that to the fact that we are moving next week and my 5 month old is boycotting sleep AND I had to listen to Elmo sing about poop for about an hour today and you get one tired library student/SAHM who needs a break. So I think I will give myself permission to not check D2L for a few days and hopefully try to stick to it. I’m a little obsessive about checking for updates. Unfortunately, it’s not like I’ll even be taking a break because I have a paper due in reference very soon that I need to start and, like I said before, I’m moving. Augh, this sounds like I’m a big whiny baby. I’m just trying to deal with everything and feeling like I’m not doing a very good job.

I do have one school related note. I played the ESP game the other day and loved it! Well, it was pretty fun and apparently is actually accomplishing something. If this class has done one thing for me, it had made me appreciate tags. That reminds me, I really need to subscribe to David Weinberger’s blog.

Time for bed.

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