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Too liberal for Oklahoma!

So I am a little late for Banned Books Week. oops. It snuck up on me and then I forgot. I was looking for information about collections of banned book and found some great sources. Not surprising though.  The first is Banned Books Online where you can find links for the full text of banned publications (if available). It’s not the prettiest site but it contains some really interesting information. Warning: Some publications can not be viewed in the United States as they are still under copyright. I only came across that warning when trying to access Gone with the Wind but I didn’t check every link.

The second source i came across was the Banned Book exhibition by the Beacon for Freedom of Expression.  While looking at that I saw that there is a database of censored materials on the site as well. It gives information about country of censorship, reasons,and censoring bodies. Did you know that Huck Finn was banned from the Brooklyn Library Children’s Room because Huck says sweat instead of perspiration?

Ah, babies are calling “help” so I must go. Really, she learned to say help a few weeks ago and it’s now a favorite word. But not always in the right context.


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