What you see is what you get

I received American Libraries yesterday and today I decided to read it. I’m really bad about reading magazine because I get so many. Seriously. Like at least 10 subscriptions. I get a little overwhelmed and then don’t read them. Anyway, I enjoyed this issue of AL. and I learned that it’s now open access! Now anyone can has access to issues dating back to January 2003. This will be good for comps studying as I’ve only been a member of ALA since last year.
I also read about Drupal, an open source content management system. It looks pretty easy to use and is good for managing static and dynamic elements. You can manage photos and videos as well as forums and blogs. There are themes to choose from and a WYSIWYG editor. So I guess it’s like WordPress but with more features.
The article gave some examples of libraries currently using Drupal for their sites. These include the Ann Arbor District Library, Jackson (Michigan) District Library, and Darien (Connecticut) Library. Tools like this make things so much easier for libraries and those with digital collections. You don’t have to know programming and you can do so much! for free! or donations, whatever. Drupal allows anyone (not just tech people) can manage sites and, with budget cuts and pink slips abound, this is comforting.

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