these would go perfect with Halloween candy

Last night after getting home from trick or treating with the kids, my husband and I went through their candy. To get the good stuff, sort through the razor bladed apples and whatnot-anyway, so we find some hate literature (I probably shouldn’t link to them because, dear god, it was offensive stuff) mixed in with a bag of fun size candy bars. Let me just say, I’m really glad my kids can’t read or recognize religious caricatures. Fast forward a few hours and I’m looking for comic book/action figure digital collections and I find this. It’s a collection of issues of a Catholic comic book written between 1946-1972. It’s really interesting and much of it (disclaimer: I did NOT look at all of them because there are A LOT) isn’t even religious at all. And what religion I did see didn’t seem to be advocating hate. Take this one about Abraham Lincoln and the importance of taking care of library books (good role model and good lesson to learn) and this one about Ed Furgol, a man who overcame a disability to become a professional golfer in the 1950’s. I like this one a lot, too.  I’d like to find more comic book collections; they’re like an easy to read e-books.

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  1. I am constantly amazed how some people feel that certain holidays are their personal preaching grounds. Personally, I think that if you don’t believe in Halloween, don’t turn your lights on and don’t hand out candy. Or volunteer at your church and spread your word to people who share your beliefs. I understand that some religions believe in passing the word on, but there are better and less offinsive ways to do it.

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