Because everybody loves blogs, right?

Think what you may about blogging, I know people who have never read one!, but I’m all for libraries maintaining blogs or  myspace or facebook (are libraries on facebook?). Not everyone picks up fliers but many many are connected to the internet in some way. However, many many are not but this is not a discussion of the digital divide, is it? Ok, so if I think that library blogs are great, what do I think of special/digital collection blogs? Why, I think that they are a brilliant idea! Like a regular old library blog, it’s a great way for people to know what the heck is going on with their library. And unlike a regular library, I’m guessing that digital collection librarians might not put out as many fliers about what they are digitizing as non-digital librarians would for what *voter registration*/book sales/heritage festivals they are putting on that month. ***By the way, tomorrow is the last day in Oklahoma to make sure you are registered to vote or change your registration. more information here.*** Here is an example of a digital collection blog at the Birmingham Public Library. great idea. as long as people are reading. The Digital Collections blog isn’t linked on the library’s main page (although the library blog is) but is on their Virtual Library page as well as the Digital Collections page. It’s findable and useful (if people subscribe).

Just ideas for the future. my future. not the future of libraries. I can’t even begin to imagine that. although I hope the future = chik-fil-a in the lobby. kidding.


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2 responses to “Because everybody loves blogs, right?

  1. Glad you like our blog. We use it like an rss feed to let those who subscribe keep up with what has been added to the Birmingham Public Library’s Digital Collections database.

    Melinda Shelton
    Birmingham Public Library

  2. mzartzy

    When I worked for a public library system I created MySpace pages for the system and one of the libraries. My hope was helping the libraries reach Millenials and eventually create pages for all of the libraries in the system. The librarian loves the page I created for her, so maybe she can inspire the others. I also created a Facebook page for another libraries Anime Club. I also know the Main library for the University I work for has a Facebook page, and I hope to create one for my small library as a way to connect to the students. I think blogs and social networking sites are a great way to connect with users and in a format a lot of them are more comfortable with. 🙂


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