Listen up, boys! Reading is cool!

A few days ago on Library Stuff there was a link to an article about the gender gap in reading. Apparently boys have fallen behind in the last few years. The best way to combat this, according to David Cole, is having boys see their relatives and heroes read as well. The article goes on to give some resources that either address the issue of boys and reading or are simply good books for boys to read. Good stuff to file away. I have a two year old son and I would be crushed if he said he didn’t like to read. Right now he lets me read to him occasionally without slamming the book shut (apparently very fun to do). Today, in fact, he wanted me to read Thelonius Monster’s Sky-High Fly-Pie twice. I hope he’s always interested in reading but I’m definitely read to pull out the big guns if he decides otherwise. I am not above decorating my house in these posters.
HSM read poster

 This website looks like a pretty good resource for finding boy books. I’ll definitely be adding it to my delicious account. yay readers’ advisory!


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2 responses to “Listen up, boys! Reading is cool!

  1. I agree that in this electronic age, the pleasure of a good book is in danger of being lost on todays generation. Every now and then , I buy my son a book that I hope will fire his imagination, as mine was fired as a child. Once you realise that your imagination can create infinitely better scenarios than pc games or movies, you become hooked!
    That said, how I longed for a decent film version of my comic book heroes as a child; When they made the Daredevil movie for example, it fulfilled a childhood dream, so there is now serious competition for children’s minds. My line to my son is: “If you can read, no matter how well or how badly you do at school, you will always be able to educate yourself and expand your knowledge”

  2. gouldie64

    I have to admit, I found this post to be a little bittersweet. I too had always hoped that should I become a parent, my children would enjoy reading as much as I did.

    For my son, however, reading is and will always be a tremendous challenge. While I am confident that his future includes reading on some level, I don’t think he will ever immerse himself in books as my siblings and I did.

    The thing about children, though, is that whole unconditional love gig. I adore my son just as he is and wouldn’t change a thing about him. It’s like making a cake. Once you have mixed the ingredients you can’t separate the flour again. I can’t separate his developmental disabilities from the rest of him without fundamentally changing who he is, and I like who he is.

    So for now I cannot focus on when he will read (or if). I must enjoy the journey, rather than focus on the destination. Fortunately for us that journey includes many hours snuggled together as I read to him and he hangs on my every word. It never gets old.

    Enjoy the journey with your son. It goes too quickly. You sound like a great mom!

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